Liana Duffield nursing home

Liana Duffield, a former human resources manager and house manager for PCL, said she was attacked four times by two different residents. In addition, she witnessed — and in some cases helped intercede — in more than a half-dozen violent attacks on other employees.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Part 4 of a five-part series.


Scan 4 Caregiver
Ken Monk behavior support

Ken Monk, a former behavior support coordinator for PCL, says he urged the company to increase staffing and to find alternative housing for violent residents. 

Scan 6 Caregiver
Kolada - emp of month 1

Bobbie Kolada was named employee of the month at PCL more than once.

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Buffy Pollock is a news and features reporter for the Rogue Valley Times. A Florida native, she began her journalism career at the Tampa Tribune before moving to Southern Oregon in the summer of 2000. She reported on community news for the Mail Tribune for 23 years.

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(17) comments


I worked for PCL for 12 years, with the violent ones, and was often asked to work the floor alone with two or three individuals. I've seen people get their knees kicked out, I've seen attacks with shovels that caused a broken arm, stitches, and a bloody nose. I've seen them tweek the staffing schedule so there is only one DSP on for a few hours in the evening when behaviors are most likely occur. I've seen a young girl in their care get killed because of unreliable staff that were going home at night. I've seen them push out GREAT staff because they are no longer useful for PCL. I saw them turn a blind eye to abusive staff because they filled a staffing slot. PCL's upper leadership is pretty weak. While I was there I often heard the refered to as an "upside down pyramid" company. Where the staff carries the load for a bunch of lazy incompetent people in the office making triple digits while their staff barely break 40k. PCL is crooked as our corporate run government


Doxing disabled children’s group homes should be a crime.. disgusted you would put streets and cities especially of the children. They are not responsible for any of this? Why endanger them and the employees?


A lot of contradictions going on and would nice if everyone just stated facts. In article it states there were no reports of incident but then goes on to state that OSHA was informed the very next day of incident. Yes it was looked at to be an accident but also stated it was unknown to be environmental or not. Then the article adds that another repot was made when she passed away. So how can you state that it was not reported. This kind of journalism should never be allowed. Bobbie would be furious at you.


I work in a different part of the I/DD system. The death of Bobbie is a tragedy. I don't know if it could have been prevented. I don't know if the plan for the resident that Bobbie supported required 2:1 supports. I do know that PCL as a provider organization does not create that plan alone without the Individualized Support Plan (ISP) team, which includes county and guardian input. I do know that the State of Oregon inspects and monitors the program and the support plan. I do know that if this resident has a persistent pattern of aggressive behavior that a Positive Behavior Support Plan must be written by a certified professional, approved by the ISP team, all staff trained on the plan, and that all this is monitored by the State. Failure to adhere to all the Oregon Administrative Rules may result in the loss of the license to provide Medicaid services and closure of the program. I do know that there are strict rules regarding the reporting of any incidents involving supported persons. I do know that there are strict confidentiality rules that any person involved in the care of the supported person must follow. PCL cannot respond to any of this. Neither can County or State personnel. The people quoted in the articles saying they have no knowledge are doing what they are required to do - maintaining confidentiality. These are HIPPA and Center for Medicaid Services requirements. These people could lose their jobs for talking to reporters. They could also not be the personel who have access to information for this particular resident.

I do know Joann Furhman. She has my utmost respect. She has been THE strongest advocate for caregivers and the people we support. She has long been the loudest voice in the room to increase funding for programs, and especially for caregivers. She is well respected in the State because she has earned it. The way she is portrayed in these articles signals a lack of investigative reporting to look at all sides of the issues. I do know that there are serious issues in the I/DD system in Oregon as well as nationwide. All parts of the system struggle with being chronically underfunded. In Oregon this means advocating, begging for enough money to keep programs open every other year in the biennial budget process. I also know that the State saves money by approving measly increases that do not keep up with the cost of living, then delaying the increased payments for up to a to a year. I also know that Medicaid funding is chronically on the chopping block. You can't provide services without money. I don't know if system changes could have prevented Bobbies death. I don't know if more money could have prevented it either. I do know that with higher wages that more and better qualified people apply. Not everyone is suited for this work so finding the right staff is key to quality services. More money always helps. Silencing our strongest advocates will not help.

I am afraid that these articles will harm the people our industry supports. I do know most people are not aggressive. Most are safe in the community, can live with other people, and are safe with single staffing supports. Community integration is an industry wide goal. My coworkers have already reported negative, angry comments toward the people we support from community members due to these articles. This could evolve into truly dangerous situations against people who cannot understand why and who are gentle human beings. There is a serious lack of supports by the system for the most aggressive of people, but this is not all of the people supported.

I don't know the true details of this story because I am not personally involved. I do know that for long term caregivers like Bobbie the reason they keep coming back to work each day is not because they are afraid of losing their job. You have to be strong to do this job, not afraid of loss. The money is not good enough to keep people who don't truly care. Long term caregivers keep coming back because they have bonded with the people they support. They want them to be happy in their lives, even if they can't always control their emotions or actions. I am sure Bobbie would not have wanted the person, the people she supported to be harmed by her death. This is tragic on all levels. I hope it is not used to perpetuate more tragedies.


So while i may disagree with you on a few points. First Off I have said several times over and over that YES there is a conversation to be had. AND needs to happen. reread prior posts prior to your commenting will speed this along. There are ways to have a constructive conversation and bring about understanding and consensus. But starting the conversation on lies, misrepresentations and sensationalism is not going to amount to anything productive. The way this article is written is the problem. The wording , the implied truths, the trigger words EVERYTHING. This article is not discussing the issues that permeate this field not just at PCL but EVERYWHERE in the country. You see a need that needs to be changed again I will agree with you. What I can not abide is the way a lot of the staff of whom i know a few of. Are using her passing as a way to seek some sort of revenge or justification for issues they had while working here. Id inquire you to look at the language of the articles. the titles, the descriptions of the house and best of all the resident himself. So you work in this field do you find ANY of these things acceptable? After reading them do you walk away feeling that this writer cares about the residents we support? Do you think from reading these articles, that the general population is going to feel they understand the nuance of what we do for a living? The rights these people have? OR quite possibly do you think just maybe your going to get a few "throw em jail! " people? Can you look at any part of any of these articles and point to any part that even mentions our residents in any way HUMAN? Ive asked this before and I will ask you again. What exactly do you think this article as it is written is going to do to our population? How many more stigmas is it going to place back into the minds of our communities? How much easier is it going to be to hire new staff who are willing to help this population? If staffing is an issue (which it all ways is) do you imagine this will help? The biggest constant I hear is the drum beat of " there should be repercussions" or "there needs to be consequences!" Ok where with what money what location what staff? This is the crowd that is running this argument. I suggest get to enjoying there company from here on out unless you can manage to find a better solution. Because at this point the clowns are running the show.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.. also very concerned with reporting the streets and cities these residents are located specifically the children. Putting children and people with disabilities at risk when writing such a damaging article is dangerous and the “journalist” should be ashamed


So I have been watching all of this with equal parts of anger and equal parts of amazement that you people I once called my coworkers and sometime friends are so broken and angry that you can not see that half of the stuff this article states you said, directly contradicts what you say in the comments? I know ALL OF YOU. For the record I am the current STC for this stated house and I more then most (if not all of you, )know what had transpired. Liana all i can say is...just wow i really expected better of you. Valina...really you are going to sit here and say in this article that you did not get help and were left alone...How many times did I personally sit with you at the house late night (while you had another staff also at the house)? Lets talk about the lemon flowers that the article made sound like you got them for your miscarriage? yeah I was also there...that was a month after and was for you having a rough time through our time with a large covid outbreak. BUT hay what do facts matter. Keith...jesus man..fudging your work history a little there arent you bud? you stated you worked in this field since 98? I know you like to try implement programs like it was a prison, but I didn't think you considered that work experience in THIS field. This was your first dd job AFTER you got out of working in the prison system.I could sit here and dispute roughly 60 percent of what was conveyed. BUT why.


The amount of harm and utter chaos you people and this article are bringing to peoples lives that have nothing to do with any of this is terrible. This stupid article is causing me personally to get insults thrown at me. Threats. Its causing untold amounts of stress and fighting in families. Im watching co workers and friends break down and cry due to all the stress and worries this is bringing. Good people! these arent people looking to make a easy buck or who sit around rubbing there hands and laughing at all the misery they're trying to cause I cant personally sleep much more then a few hours at a time. Ive watch Big hearted people break down and cry over and over. People who actually care (unlike the people in this article) Ive seen ex employees telling residents about this incident only to have that resident go into behaviors. So I would like ANY of you to tell me how this is helping? NO ONE believes most of it, Your comments along in the article contradict half of it. What do you all think your going to accomplish? I guess blow it all up and walk away with a smug sense of revenge? Congrats. I hope you all enjoy your pound of flesh.


Oh look, another manager simping for their employer while disregarding and ignoring their employees. PCL does not care about you, and leaving these comments is going to backfire when they happily throw you under the bus to save themselves the blame. Their management style is nepotism and commanding loyalty while not having any themselves. Hope you stay in their good graces… you should probably pick up a few extra shifts this week to appease them so they don’t drop you like a hot BM..


[yawn] its amazing how having a work ethic is like Kryptonite to some people. And if Im pimping for the man cause I dont take on YOUR skewed view of how this systems works...good to know...Ive been doing this since your "job" consisted of coloring power rangers to put on your wall.....( when did you stop that? last week?) I stay in good graces by actually doing my job not sitting around complaining calling names and throwing temper tantrums. You should try it in your next job.


What a charmer you must be.. anyone who uses “simping” as a noun has lost all credibility. Grow up


funny anything I post is considered spam......


PCL has been under staffed for at least 7 years that I know of. That was long before Covid, and they still are under staffed.

As far as employees being 'asked/ forced' to work another shift? Yes, they are 'asked,' but if there is no one to replace them then they have no choice but to stay. Leaving the house unstaffed would be an immediate firing offense, and make you a horrible human being. And that's where 'asked' becomes 'forced'.


First off lets set the history straight, seeing as there are numerous factual inconsistency's and lack of context. These employees who make up a majority of this article are first off leaving out the BIG fact that during the time frame they are referencing was COVID. You show me ANY company that was not struggling to fill shifts during that time. Even in the best of time finding qualify candidates that are willing to work doing this for what is better then minimum wage is hard. Across the board HARD for ALL dd services. That's on a good day. Yet yes I saw managers filling shifts left and right to make sure there was coverage. That is not a PCL issue that a DD services issue. Again you can only hire so much and with what the state requires. Companies that longer exist. You work within the confines the STATE requires or will pay you for. Second lets discuss Monk...the behavior specialist who mentions the client at the center of this article moving...THAT particular person has NOT moved from his current location since before he worked here. Hes probably not even sure WHO his talking about, also he worked in prison prior to this field he only had 2 years in this job. and he was fired. Other issues with this article. you liana stating staff were FORCED to work 16 hours or 20. That has NEVER occurred, it is a violation of Federal Rules. Asked yes! to fill staffing needs. Again your story directly contradicts your main theory that we are under staffing, over and over again! Also her comment amount PCL TACTIC of if you don't work out here we can move you. That's called giving staff a CHOICE to work at other houses. Which IS common practice. AS evidenced by Velina comments yesterday about being in 4 houses in 4 months. Also to Lianas accounting, there has NEVER been a house in PCL that has gone through 20 staff in on month. EVER Again these articles show a gross lack of even the most remedial of fact checking or investigation of claims. All the staff listed in theses articles were picked from one disgruntled staff telling her of ANOTHER disgruntled staff till you get your lucky 12 staff. To say there is a CULTURE of disregard when you literally cherry pick who you print or interview, in GROSSLY disingenuous at the least LIABLE at the best. In a company that has currently and prior thousands of staff that do not feel or have had the same experiences as these 12 that you stated you talked too, and then to state unequivocally that there is any more issues with PCL then with any other company that deals with this population, Is lacking any kind of intelligence or fact based reality. Finally everyone of the staff you interviewed and plastered all over the articles were all let go due to UNSAFE practices, Not doing there jobs, smoking pot on the jobs, neglecting staffing, not following safety protocols or just outright neglect of there duties. ALL OF them. So maybe the issue with the "culture" is actually these staff you cherry picked? and now are no longer an issue. Id love to go to that carboard box by the river you call an office and find out how many of YOUR employees I could find that had something negative about YOU. PEABODY here I come!


First of all I know for a fact that I was not let go. Let alone did I practice unsafe protocols, nor neglect anyone I was carrying for. I quit for the main reason I stated I had PTSD and the response was to place me where there had been several aggressive behaviors. So you telling the writer to get the facts correct I say that to you as well.

Yes the company is doing what the state says is the minimum of protection but that’s just the minimum. There needs to be change and that’s what this article is trying to get across. All of you who feel the need to say these are disgruntled employees who were let go is defamation of character bottom line. You believe the lies told to you like cows going to the slaughter.

Yes this was in the time of Covid but you know what we are still in Covid and every company is struggling to find dedicated employees. Also when a company constantly is placing brand new employees in the most difficult homes there is high turnover. No 20 people didn’t leave one house but when you higher weekly for the same home time and time again along with hiring for 11 other homes that can’t keep staff is a turnover of 20 people in 3 months. (Facts). Also tell me, if some is not willing to work and let me make myself clear managers , work the extra shifts who is going to do it. Do you just say there will be no one at the home because we are all over worked? No it’s against ODDS rules. Managers put in the most time and working their 8a-5p and then filling in shifts is the norm, at all homes in all companies. So saying it’s a CHOICE is pure stupidity. Your loyalties should be with the supported individuals so they have well rested and better trained staff.

Bobby was fatally injured and it should have been prevented. You know it and I know it.

The industry needs to change and PCL being one of the biggest should be a catalyst for this and not cover it up. I’m also pretty sure you have had the same complaints as everyone else has working for this company.


So here we are NOW getting through half truths and actual facts. All ready the stories you state HERE are not the same as what's being reported or insisted is truth. 2 more comments and various DIFFERENT stories. Everything about these "articles " if fudging facts leaving out context and mix and matching facts to stories to sell a agenda. And it IS a choice no one here has EVER said you have to stay working the shift or working for the company! Period. You included. For your information if you truly think this article us helping your " cause" I can you its not. It's hurting people and residents YOU purport to care about. Not to mention staff and stcs who DO care more then you do/did. This is NOT a way to have a conversation about a serious non black and white issue, and tou should all feel ashamed your putting ex freinds-coworkers in actual danger due to this gross negligence of facts or civility. Maybe you think like the rest " lock em up right?" I'm glad you don't work with this population.


Actually I am glad I don’t work with you. You idea of a proper conversation is to insult the people around you. You don’t know me and you don’t know what I have been through. I have one friend from there and the rest were back stabbers and gossipers. This is all coming from someone I can guess was “I will never support a certain individual, because he is aggressive and attacks me for no reason””. I wish I could be so selective. I at least knew if I was scared I was in trouble so I made it very clear who I could not support I am not ashamed of speaking out, there is no danger that can come from this. It’s the gross negligence from individuals like you that create the danger. I have no intention of punishing the individuals who have hurt people. I actually understand the term disability. The only people who should be held accountable is us in the industry. We have a chance to help people understand what employees go through day to day and change the system. Instead people like you come out and say there is nothing wrong it’s just those who choose to speak up. Reality check is over 20 + employees spoke up about this not just those who you think are disgruntled and unhappy. The problem is the fear of retaliation and losing their job is what keeps their identities unknown. I know I make a difference everyday, and I’m proud of what I do. And it isn’t a choice. I had to stay or get fired. That’s not a choice that’s an ultimatum. I guess you don’t recall times where you had to cover shifts or they go uncared for. I remember working 4 months straight without a day off, pull 24 hour shifts because there was no one else. I could have said no but again, who would help, not you.

Let’s keep this real, Again Bobbie died at the hands of an individual who is intellectually disabled and there should have been more staff with her. Just because it was offered for her to move houses and she didn’t doesn’t make the attack her fault. She is gone and her children and grandchildren won’t get to see anymore. The system has to change and the companies need all of our help to make this never happen again. This horrible attack could have been prevented. It breaks my heart all this finger pointing at who spoke out when you can make differences by insisting things change, but no, you just keep attacking people like me.

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