Bobbie Kolada was on life support with a broken neck and a brain bleed following an apparent attack Feb. 20 by a developmentally disabled man for whom she cared at a group home in Medford. Kolada died March 27.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Part 1 in a five-day series about the death of Bobbie Kolada, a caregiver at a Medford group home for the developmentally disabled who was fatally injured by a man she cared for — and the Rogue Valley Times investigation that shows Kolada is far from the only caregiver to face brutal violence at the hands of those they tend.


Kolada - room

A photo sent to OSHA by PCL shows the room where "pools of blood" were found after the apparent attack on Bobbie Kolada.

Reach reporter Buffy Pollock at 458-488-2029 or bpollock@rv-times.com. Follow her on Twitter @orwritergal.


Buffy Pollock is a news and features reporter for the Rogue Valley Times. A Florida native, she began her journalism career at the Tampa Tribune before moving to Southern Oregon in the summer of 2000. She reported on community news for the Mail Tribune for 23 years.

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Before assuming things or commenting one should know what they are saying is factual. No one knows 100% what transpired but one should know the laws and guidelines of care before making false allegations. State regulations require 1 person for every to individuals in these type of settings. It is relate to have a 1 on 1 requirement in a group home. Check your facts as this one did nor does it require more than 1 caregiver. Maybe everyone should be working on changing laws or regulations than to put blame where there may or may not be.


What is definitely apparent here is that no research was done on the laws and regulations regarding staffing in the I/DD field.


This is unconscionable. And putting other caregivers in danger.


That “resident” belongs in prison, no sympathy. None. Autism isn’t an excuse. Hit him with the book and bury him under the jail. Anything less is a complete failure on the Jackson County District Attorney. Charge and convict him of murder and keep him in there until he dies.


I know for fact that everything in this article is not true. Media likes to spin more than what is there. And ifnyoubknew the legal system then you would know one has to understand their rights to be tried. Get all the facts before assuming. Do state laws need changed of course they could and should be but laws were abided by. If jot happy with them then change the laws.


You are a pcl dickk rider aren't you.


sorry you have no clue on how to be a decent human being. Also you have no clue or knowledge of what went on or what the facts actually are. Have you read the OAR's? Very seriously doubt it. And please do tell of any court that has tried an autistic person who can not even speak nor communicate? There is none. Keep believing lies all you want. Any staffing by state laws only require 1 staff for every 2 individuals, you do not have to have a 2nd staff until a 3rd individual is in home. Just because I am knowledgeable about the rules and the laws does not in no way mean I agree with them. Sorry you can not handle facts and like to live in lala land. If you have a problem then work with us and do something about the laws instead of attacking people who know them. And your screen name fits you as you have idiot in it.


also, special circumstances do require one on one staff but these individuals in this particular home does not. FACT


Agree 💯

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