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Alx Fox, board president of the Rogue Gallery and Art Center, told Jackson County commissioners that the gallery has discussed leaving downtown Medford because of problems the past two years with transients. 

Rogue Gallery and Art Center board President Alx Fox appealed to Jackson County commissioners Wednesday for help with transients who have preyed on the downtown Medford gallery and nearby businesses over the past two years.

The 65-year-old nonprofit, she said, has suffered repeated acts of vandalism, while volunteers and staff have been accosted and threatened by belligerent transients who camp on doorsteps and in alcoves around the gallery.

Reach reporter Buffy Pollock at Follow her on Twitter @orwritergal.


Buffy Pollock is a news and features reporter for the Rogue Valley Tribune. A Florida native, she began her journalism career at the Tampa Tribune before moving to southern Oregon in the summer of 2000.

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Vote woke, go broke. Remember who you VOTE into office. This doesn't include measures such as 110, but State and local races as well. This started 2-3 years ago. Exactly the same time all these "services" showed up to Medford. Remember? Downtown is dismal and has been for many years. We occasionally hear word about "revitalizing" downtown, but it never happens. Parking was never changed. Look at Bend. It's THRIVING. We have City staff more concerned with ROAD DIETS than doing anything else. We are all paying for it now......enjoy your commute, that has now DOUBLED because we gotta have bike lanes that nobody uses. Epic failure, and nobody is even held accountable.


Off to a good start RV Tribune. Very interesting, well written article. I knew it was bad but not this bad. Those poor businesses must be emotionally exhausted.


Repeal 110, maybe that will help. I have been told by police that the influx of homeless persons was very large after passage. Every homeless person I've seen has a cell phone. Apparently the word gets around. 110 may have been well intentioned, but fatal flaws existed as there was no way to force anyone into treatment and no where to send them. On a tangent, I've been financing and involved in the building of affordable housing since 1995. In that time I have experienced the huge cost increases in many cases driven by well intentioned people who have no finance background, and the results speak for themselves. Maybe if all businesses leave downtown the County, State, City may take this to the next level, whatever that may be.

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